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Raise your hand if you’re ready to check writing your online content off your to-do list!

Brandi Allen

If you’re anything like the women I work with, your schedule is maxed out.


On any given day, you could be meeting with clients, replying to emails, reading up on the latest study, reviewing test results, posting on social media, responding to inquiries, going over your accounts, or redesigning your logo.


And that’s just during work hours...


Before and after work, you’re running errands, meal prepping, hanging out with your friends and family, going to the gym, and trying to find a quiet moment for yourself at the end of the day.

What you need is more hours in the day...

It’s a busy way to live, and trust me, I’ve been there too!

It seems like as soon as you cross one thing off your list, three more things are added to it. 

That’s why for many of us,  online content quickly loses priority. But you KNOW how important the copy on your landing pages is because, as an internet user, you’re used to skipping poorly written sites.


You also know how informative blogs and articles can be. And unless you’re still living in 1986, you know how effective email marketing is...


(cue your favorite online store)


That’s why I’m dedicated to helping wellness professionals publish more online content, send more marketing emails, and connect to more clients.

You have knowledge that can change lives, and I’m here to help you get it out there into the universe.

Since 2019 I’ve worked with health and wellness companies like yours to help create consistent, shareworthy content that informs and converts. 


I’ve written content for health food companies like Teonan, functional medicine strategists, and countless other nutritionists, naturopaths, and mental health specialists.

Here's what they had to say about our time together...


What My Clients Say

"I just had way too much going on and didn't have the time or brainpower to create content. When [Brandi] reached out, I really liked [her] vibe and how calm and collected [she was]. Plus, [she seemed] to have such an interest in women's health, which is what I like to focus on. I also liked that [she] didn't require a long-term commitment to make sure we'd be a great fit, which was nice. [She was] so easy to work with. [She] clearly did [her] research and did a really nice job putting everything together. Plus, [she was] SO efficient and fast with everything. There was very little for me to change/edit on what [she] put together as well. It was really great.


Kim Heintz, Funtional Health Strategist 

What it's like to work together...


Let’s Meet! 


It’s important to me to build long-lasting relationships with my clients. So before getting started, I make sure we have a chance to meet “face-to-face.” 


It’s during this strategy call that we can really get to know one another.


It gives me a chance to learn about your hopes and dreams, understand your struggles, and understand how I can best help you. It will also allow you to see the person behind the words.


Then if we’re a good fit, we’ll move forward with a plan. :)


Customized Plan and Proposal


While there are several packages listed on my website, I understand that every business is different and has unique needs.


Once we’ve had a chance to chat, I’ll send you a personalized proposal outlining the services I recommend for you and their prices. 

Now that you’ve chosen the packages, we can sign the contract and get started!

I work up titles and themes for blog posts and emails that you’ll approve beforehand.



Once you've handed over your digital marketing and copy concerns to me, you can get back to focusing your attention on your true passion.


Best of all, no more racking your brain late into the night for the right words. I've got you covered!


Within 30 days or less receive your final product via Google Doc or have it posted directly to your blog or email scheduler. It's up to you! Whichever is easiest. 


It’s As Easy As That!


During our initial coffee chat, I let my clients decide how much or how little they want to be involved in the process. If you’d like to set it and forget it, I’m here for you. If you’re still a little hesitant to outsource so much at once, that’s ok too! My feelings aren’t hurt. I completely understand and will do what it takes to make your life simpler and less stressful.

So Who is This Introverted Book Worm Anyway? She Sure is Making a Lot of Promises…

Hey there! Here’s a little more about me, in case you were wondering…


I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and some house plants that I struggle to keep green, but we’re working on it.


I enjoy hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming (ok, yes, it’s more like treading water but still!), cooking, watercolor painting, and reading (preferably in a hammock in the backyard or a lounge chair on the beach.) 


Since high school, I’ve had a passion for writing, but I finally took the leap and made it a career in 2019. It turns out you don’t have to live alone in a beach house with your typewriter struggling to decide the death of your hero in your latest novel to be a writer. 


I love traveling and have been to over a dozen countries (yes, one of them is Canada, and it still counts!) I’ve even lived abroad, both in Ecuador and Indonesia. 


While traveling, I noticed how cultural differences affect individuals' mindsets, diets, and routines. Lifestyles are reflected in individual and community health. Observing this made me learn more about health and wellness, which eventually led me to find my content and copywriting niche.

Fast forward to 2023, and my one-woman freelancing business grew into a full-blown marketing agency. I quickly learned that I was offering more than copy for most of my clients and that the planning and strategies that went into their online content was quickly gaining traction and bringing in more clients for them every day. 

My services now include customized content calendars, SEO blog posts, marketing emails, Instagram captions and graphics, and even backend setup to get you up off the ground when you're first getting started. 

Learn more about how you can work with me!

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If you haven't started your email list, today's the day! 

Learn why email marketing is ESSENTIAL to coaching businesses and how to begin. 

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