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Introducing the Email Marketing Starter Kit for Health Coaches

The perfect DIY solution for business owners curious about how email marketing can help grow their business but unsure how to get started.

You’re the perfect fit if:

  • You’re in the early, growing stages of your business

  • Technology and logistics overwhelm you

  • You’re still hesitant about whether or not email marketing is for you

  • You see the value, but you’re just not sure you have the time or bandwidth to get started

I created this course because again and again, I get on calls with health coaches just like you who KNOW they need more guidance when it comes to marketing, but they aren’t ready to work together because: 

1. One-on-one services aren’t in their budget yet 


2. They don’t have the foundations in place yet to take advantage of the email marketing services I offer. 

This all-in-one training course gives you step-by-step explanations and visuals to get everything in place for your first (or next!) email marketing campaign.

In less than a week, you’ll be building your email list, nourishing your leads weekly (that’s right! I said “WEEKLY,” and you’ll learn why in this course), getting more leads, and booking more calls than ever before! 


The Email Marketing Starter Kit is made up of 12 Modules of video trainings, tech breakdown, templates, software discounts,  and access private community of women JUST like you tackling email marketing for the first time. 


You’ll walk away from this course with: 


  • A clear understanding of the value of email marketing

  • A brief overview of the importance of branding and how to incorporate it without having to work with a brand consultant

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build your email list

  • Video trainings on how to create, save, and share your “freebie” 

  • Video trainings on how to build out forms your followers can use to receive your free offer and sign up for your emails using Flodesk

  • A deep dive into the Anatomy of a Welcome Sequence 

  • Multiple Welcome Sequence email templates

  • A step-by-step video on how to build out workflows in Flodesk so you can put it all on autopilot (oh ya, baby!) 

  • A breakdown of the importance of newsletters and how to use them to nurture your leads. 

  • A rundown of how to read your analytics so you can improve the performance of your emails moving forward. 

  • Access to the private student Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your wins as you go! 

  • Plus: Get a 50% off discount on your first year of Flodesk and a special offer at the end so you can make the most of your new skills! 

Once you gain access to the Email Marketing Starter Kit for Health Coaches, you’ll get immediate access to the following…


Module 1 // An Introduction to the Course


  • Meet me! & Learn why I created this course 

  • Who this course is for

  • What to expect 

  • How to get the most out of It


Module 2 // Why Email Marketing? 


  • How lucrative is email marketing? 

  • What is the ROI?

  • Your mindset around the dollar sign $$

  • The freedom email marketing provides

  • The importance of nurturing your audience

  • Actions steps to help you get started


Module 3 // Branding Basics


  • Gain clarity on your brand both visually

  • Create a basic brand worksheet to identify your brand voice 


Module 4 // Planning Your Freebie 


  • Repurposing content to create a freebie

  • Creating a freebie relevant and valuable to your audience


Module 5 // Creating Your Freebie


  • How to save your brand in Canva

  • Create a beautiful, free guide for your audience 


Module 6 // Opt-in Forms


  • Step-by-step video demonstrating how to use the form feature in Flodesk


Module 7 // Writing Emails 


  • Learn what should be included in your first series of emails 

  • Customize email templates to fit your offers and brand


Module 8 // Creating Workflows 

  • Connect your opt-in form to an email sequence

  • Learn how to use Flodesk to automate your emails sequences 


Module 9 // Sharing Your Freebie and Publish Your First Email Sequence


  • Learn how to deliver your freebie to your subscribers

  • Finally, hit publish! 


Module 10 // Weekly Newsletters


  • Why they are important

  • What to include

  • How to write them without being “spammy”

  • How to get the best results 


Module 11 // Tracking Analytics 


  • What do your analytics mean?

  • What should you track? 

  • Why are analytics essential to a successful email marketing campaign? 


Module 12 // Final Words 


  • You’re ready! 

  • The keys to success

  • Bonus material!

How does it work?

Here’s the Process:

Step 1 


Create a free account for all the tools you’ll need, including Flodesk, Canva, Grammarly, and more!

Step 2 


Start with the first module and work your way through! At the end of each module, you’ll get clear action steps to complete before moving on to the next.

Step 3 


Once you finish the course, you’re ready to create your first email campaign. Nurture your audience, find their pain points, and book more clients!

Learn not only WHY email marketing is ESSENTIAL to a growing business and booking more clients, but get the tools and knowledge to get started on your own without having to hire out. 


#1 - Get a clear vision on your goals with email marketing

#2 - Write valuable and persuasive emails that keep clients coming in every week

#3 - Understand the step-by-step process of building out an email campaign and sharing products digitally. 

And did someone say BONUSES?

  • Weekly email access to answer questions about the course and gain clarity on your email strategy.

  • Access to the exclusive student Facebook group 24/7 to share your progress and get support from veteran students. 

  • 50% off Flodesk for the first year!

Join below to get started!

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