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How to Batch Content When You Don't Feel Like Being On Camera

Updated: Apr 9

Women taking a picture of her meal before eating to post in instagram later
Take pictures daily to use for posts later

Batching Instagram Content When You Don't Feel Like Being On Camera Every Day

Ok, lady…I am NOT about being on camera all the time or documenting my daily “looks.” It’s just not me. Even when I mean to do it, I’m not in the habit of it, so I forget on those rare “good hair days.”

The camera makes me uncomfortable, I over-analyze things, and I NEVER know what to do with my hands.

So what’s a girl to do to keep up with the competition in this visual age?

Here are a few tips for my introverted friends to help us stay caught up.

Plan One or Two Selfie Days a Week to Batch Instagram Content

“But you just got done saying you always forget to do this.”

Uh, yeah, I do. So we’ll work on this together.

Most days, I work from home, and even though I know better, I get the most work done when I haven’t showered, and I’m in my bathrobe. Like today…

But to keep my sanity, I don’t work from home every day, and I definitely see the need to put on some real pants and some mascara, if only for my mental health.

So today, when I’m deep in writing mode, I can safely say it will not be a selfie day. It is a writing day.

Later in the week, though, I will make a point of working outside the house, and I’ll even do my hair. Because I know ahead of time what day of the week that will be (it’s usually days I have meetings too!) then I’ll set a reminder on my phone to remind me to take a few quick pictures.

Maybe it’s a straight-up selfie, or maybe I have a friend take one. Either way, I can file these away to use on my Instagram later.

There are some really great tips for batching photos in this blog post.

What About Professional Photos?

Yes! Please book a short session with a professional once a year or so. That way, you’ll have plenty of branded images that catch you looking your best. Bonus points: They always tell me what to do with my arms!

Batch Instagram Content by Capturing Everyday Beauty

You can film a reel or story without having your face in it. Make a habit of taking pictures of things that inspire and interest your audience.

That might look like a colorful meal you’re enjoying or a beautiful scene you encounter on a hike or on your travels.

You can include these moments directly in your stories, but also save those videos for b-reel-style Reels. Add your commentary or audio, and you’ve got an effortless, lovely Reel, no dancing necessary.

Batch Reels Once a Month

Speaking of Reels, plan a day once a month to film all your Reels. That way, your hair and makeup with be in place, and it only takes an hour or two to film four to eight Reels ahead of time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always most nervous for the first one, but by the third or fourth, I relax and start having fun. The more relaxed and genuine you are in those videos, the better they’ll perform. Doing them all at once helps me get to that place a little easier.

Quick tips before batching Reels:

  • Change your camera angle often

  • Consider switching up your outfit

  • Invest in a phone mount

  • Use natural light or a ring light

  • Vary trending audio with original audio

This system works much better for me than trying to do it once a week. Inevitably I’ll get to that week and then push it off to the following week.

Make an appointment with yourself once a month and stick with it!

Batch Content, Don’t Hustle!

Consistency doesn’t have to wear you out! Even if you hate being on camera, you can still use these tips to make it a little easier to show your face on Instagram and create trust with your audience.

The best way to be consistent with ALL your content is to learn to repurpose and batch it out. I talk about this extensively in my private Facebook Group and newsletters. Click the links to get more tips and join the conversation!

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