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The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing for Digital Coaches in 2023

Updated: Apr 6

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Coaches need to enter your email for practically everything they do online now. Want to pay your credit card? Get a digital freebie? Watch your favorite series? Buy a scarf? Then most likely, you’ll be asked for your email.

If you’re like me, most of the email lists you sign up for or accounts you create you eventually unsubscribe to, or you have a designated email account that you never open that collects hundreds of thousands of emails over time.

With all the unread emails in your inbox, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to start an email list or take the time to write weekly newsletters.

In short, the answer is when done the right way, yes, it is absolutely worth it to devote time to email marketing even if, nay, especially if you work in the wellness space.

The Benefits of Email in Digital Marketing for Coaches

It’s Affordable

Compared to other forms of digital marketing and advertising, effective emails are relatively affordable. Even if you choose to use email marketing software (Which I highly recommend doing. It will save you a ton of time and headache), most of them come with a generous free trial. Many don’t begin to charge you until you’ve reached a certain number of subscribers.

You Have an Attentive Audience

Before they agreed to give you their email, you likely had something your subscriber wanted. Maybe it was a free opt-in like a meal plan or the promise of weekly tips and support.

You subscriber signed up for a reason. They want to hear what you have to say. They want to learn. They want to benefit.

It takes a lot more effort to sign up for a newsletter than it does to follow or unfollow someone on social media. That means if they took the time, then they’re more likely to be your ideal client.

Easy to Match Your Branding

Email marketing is a fun way to show off your fonts, colors, and general style. With most email builders, you can include your logo, header, and direct links to your social platforms and website.

Show Off Your Personality

If you’re anything like me, you hate getting in front of a camera. Thankfully your email newsletter gives you a non-intimidating platform to be yourself.

It’s a place to really let your hair down and be the raw, pure you—both intellectually and quite literally. You don’t even have to put your makeup on.

Make your emails fun and witty, or serious and professional. However, you would talk in person, talk in your emails. Let loose. Use slang. Throw in some GIFs. Be yourself.

Build Trust

There are a million women out there offering the exact same services as you. Email gives you the chance to stand out from the rest and build trust long before you make a sale.

Your reader should come away feeling validated and maybe even thinking, “Wow! This girl really gets me.” By the time they’ve made the decision to hire a professional, you’ll be the first one they’ll think of.

Increase Digital Sales

Let’s be honest, how many times do you shop online, fill your cart up with new clothes, then exit out because you got distracted or you decided to think about it for a couple of days? It happens to me ALL.THE.TIME.

But it’s the businesses that follow up that I’m more likely to return to and actually purchase whatever I was interested in.

Your newsletter can work the same way. Not only are you increasing sales by putting yourself there in front of your client, but you’re reminding them why they need to hire you on a weekly basis.

It doesn’t have to be a hard sell every time, but making consistent connections with people and using email to follow up on interest will help you make more sales in the long run.

Saves Coaches Time

Setting up automatically triggered emails such as Welcome emails or Thanks for Subscribing emails means you’re nurturing that relationship without having to push a single button.

Outlasts Social Media

Just because a post stays on your profile page forever doesn’t mean it’s continuing to reach more potential clients. And it’s nearly impossible to find that post a second time without going directly to your profile. Most of us will not happen upon it, and even those who do follow you can easily miss your posts entirely if they’re not checking every few hours.

Emails, on the other hand, stay in your subscribers’ inboxes until they choose to either read them or delete them.

You Own Your List

I saved the best one for last on purpose. You know how sometimes an app glitches or an entire company (talking to you, Facebook) loses connection, and you’re left wondering if all your hard work, all your posts, all your followers will be saved?

Or what if your account gets locked or an important post gets censored?

What’s your backup plan here?

If you are already building your email list, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about losing your contacts. Even if all social media fails, you will still have a way to reach out to and connect with your audience.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about posts getting flagged as “inappropriate” or being censored for other reasons. Unfortunately, I know that happens a lot if you work specifically in the women’s wellness space.

The Downside to Emails

No marketing plan is perfect, so if you do have an email list or are thinking of starting one, keep the following downsides in mind.

Undelivered Emails

There are certain trigger words that send your emails straight to spam. You also want to make sure that your emails aren’t spammy by nature which will only get blocked or lead to a lot of unsubscribing.

Unopened Emails

Your emails might get delivered, but if your client isn’t intrigued by the subject, they won’t open it.

Design and Size Issues

Mobile and desktop load differently, so you’ll want to make sure your email design works well for both. Large attachments or images can also make some emails challenging to read or impossible to load.

Writing Every Week

Deciding what to write every week and taking the time to do it can both be tedious and time-consuming.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

The time and effort you put into email marketing will be well worth it when you start seeing the impact it makes on your readers and your sales. However, getting started and working through the downsides of email marketing is tricky.

If you need a little extra support for your email newsletters, please reach out. I can help you plan, write, and profit from successful email campaigns. In the meantime, enjoy this free guide to growing your email list.

I'll help you get more emails opened and more signups! Book a call today to learn how!

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