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 Optimize Your SEO and Rank #1 on Google in Only a Few Hours a Week 

Feel confident about your website—and know it’s booking calls, selling products, and collecting emails for your upcoming campaign while you explore local antique shops, lose your voice at a concert, or spend weeks off-grid backpacking the PCT.

Let’s be real. That’s why you built a website for your business in the first place, right? That’s why you became a solopreneur! You wanted the freedom to make your own schedule and have consistent revenue even when you’re paddling out to catch a wave at 6 AM


Unfortunately, you’ve spent hours doing keyword research, writing blog posts, and watching countless YouTube videos to get more traffic to your website, only to hear...


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An Easy, Effective SEO Strategy is Within Reach

You’re tired of second-guessing every adjustment you make to your website:

  • Am I using the right keywords?

  • Is my target audience going to search for this?

  • Is my meta description effective?

  • Am I adding heading tags correctly?

  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand the above questions? 

You CAN get in front of your target audience, be found through Google searches, AND make sales in your sleep.


You’d be able to wake up to booked calls, new subscribers, and, most importantly, sales made because you’ve finally optimized your website and are being found by the right people searching the right words.

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 You’ve Spent Countless Hours (and probably a lot of cash) Building a Beautiful Website That No One Sees 

What if you could drive traffic to your website in only a few months by spending only a couple of hours a week on your SEO?

You understand how important it is, but you’re just not sure where to prioritize your efforts and what will make the biggest difference the fastest. 

Plus, you’re already a busy solopreneur wearing all the hats in your business - if you have to figure out ONE more algorithm or add ONE more thing to your plate, you might just throw in the towel and apply at Starbucks. 


(No shame in working at Starbucks, btw, but is that what you REALLY want?) 


 68% of Online Experiences Start with a Search Engine 

So the question is: 

If search engines can’t find you, then how will your customers? 

But you’re probably thinking,

 “Fun fact you’ve got there, Brandi, but I already know it’s important.


I just don’t have the extra time to figure it out on my own or the extra cash to invest in hiring an agency.”

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 Introducing Salient SEO:
The DIY SEO Solution for Solopreneurs 

Spend only a few hours each month on your SEO and see improvements in as little as 3 months.

Salient SEO is our signature SEO software designed to help solopreneurs boost their Google ranking each month by prioritizing actions that will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. 


This is the same software our team uses to help build SEO for our full-service clients. 


I understand you don’t have the budget to pay a hefty retainer each month or the time to become an SEO guru, and you don’t have to!


It's easier than you think—here's what's inside:

Built-in Keyword Tool:

Once you create your account,  you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on identifying keywords unique to your business and assigning them to the most relevant pages. 


Unsure if you’re doing it right? Salient automatically reviews each keyword to ensure it’s the right fit for your business. 


  • Suggested keywords based on your industry 

  • Competitor keyword analysis 

  • A list of currently ranking keywords

  • A breakdown and explanation of keyword searches vs. difficulty level


“But I’m already doing keyword research, and it hasn’t helped any.”


This keyword tool is different because it teaches you as you go and ensures that you’re not randomly picking keywords but approaching it with proven strategies


These keywords are always relevant, unique, and within reach for YOUR business. 

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Set Monthly SEO Goals:

You choose how much time you want to spend each month on building your SEO. 


Only have a few hours? No problem! 


Want to get results super fast? Just set more hours!


You’ll then be given an estimate of how many months it will take to build up your SEO based on the number of hours you commit!

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SEO Monthly Audit:

Once your website is crawled, you’ll receive a monthly to-do list of action steps based on how much time you’ve committed. You even get a time estimation for each step so you don’t fall into a rabbit hole of unnecessary tasks. 


Plus, these steps are categorized into levels of importance so you can make the best use of your time. 


“But I’m not tech-savvy! How will I complete these steps each month!” 


Great question! Guess what! I’m not techy, either! Salient was DESIGNED FOR US!


It literally holds your hand (ok, not literally, but it’s a lot like a mentor, teacher, coach, cheerleader, or whatever you need). 


Really…it’s SO easy! *promise*


And if you get stuck or have questions, just email us! We’ll be happy to walk you through it every step of the way so you can build confidence in managing your SEO!

Each action step will clearly outline how to complete the suggestion on your specific website builder.

See what you need to do.

Learn why it's important. 

See how to do it and get links to additional resources.

SEO Backlink Builder:

Healthy backlinks are KEY to ensuring that Google sees your website as a reputable source.


It’s a classic, real-life example of  


“Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.” 


Salient reviews your current backlinks and allows you to quickly disconnect from ones that may harm your website's SEO. 


Don’t worry. It will tell you which links those are, and breaking up is as easy as a push of a button. 


It’s not you; it’s them. 


Once you’ve separated yourself from unhealthy websites, you’ll have daily opportunities to connect to reputable websites by responding to journalist links or reaching out to websites that already work with your competitors.


“But I already paid to have someone build up my backlinks.”


The problem with paying for backlinks is that you’re not always getting them from reputable brands. 


Salient will help you identify whether or not those backlinks were harming or helping your website. In most cases, paid backlinks aren’t quality backlinks.


But don’t worry! We’ll help you get the right ones! 

Backlink healthcheck at a glance. 

See where your competitors are getting backlinks.

Discover new backlink opprotunities. 

Quickly respond to journalist requests for experts in your field using our email templates. 

SEO Software with Built-in Training:

If you’re a “But why?” person like me, first of all, good for you for being curious!


That’s how we learn! 


Second of all, you’ll love the Academy feature of Salient. You’ll be able to learn as you go for a deeper understanding of SEO.


Get access to free courses that cover:


  • How Google Works

  • SEO Fundamentals

  • The SEO Strategy

  • Backlinks 


But if you’re thinking. “I just want the solution. I'm not a "but why" person” - that's OK!


You don't need to take the courses to benefit fully from Salient.


In fact, if you’re honestly OVER learning and just want to start seeing results, you can totally skip this part.


The action steps include everything you need to improve your SEO without additional training.

SEO Software with Built-in Training:

Salient is designed for you to be able to tackle all your SEO needs on your own…but you’ll never need to feel ALONE <3


I understand the feeling of overwhelm and confusion when starting to implement a new tool which is why you’ll also receive: 


  • Email Support

  • Monthly reviews and reports (including accountability and recommendations)

  • Option to “order” tasks you don’t have time for 

Casual Meeting

 Improve My SEO Fast 

Start today!


  1. Sign up and follow the easy onboarding steps.

  2. Create a strategy unique to your current website health that fits into your ideal time frame.

  3. Receive simple action steps you can complete in just minutes, boosting your SEO in only a few short months. 

P.S. I Haven’t Even Gotten to the Extras Yet!

Grab Your Free Audit! 


Start immediately by claiming your free audit. It includes a complete breakdown of your website health and step-by-step instructions to immediately start improving your website for free. 


If you’ve done audits in the past and just walked away even more confused, then you’ll love Salient’s audit tool.


It shows you precisely what you need to do using clear, concise instructions so you can start your ranking journey immediately.

Free Live Onboarding


Get in-depth training from our team so you’re confident using Saliant from the start.


Salient is SO easy to use, but a little walk-through never hurt. 


During the onboarding, we’ll cover: 


  • Connecting to Google Analytics

  • How to Properly Conduct Keyword Research 

  • The Benefits of Using Competitor Analysis and How to Do it Right

  • A Brief Overview of All Salient’s SEO Features


If you’re more of an “I can do it all by myself” kind of person (I mean, you ARE a solopreneur, so it’s to be expected…), that’s cool too!


You’ll still get step-by-step training from Salient’s AI. 

Plant Shop

 “The reality of SEO is the reality of any successful endeavor:
It will take strategic, consistent, and sufficient efforts to rank well.

-Viola Eva, Founder of Flow SEO 

Sure… you COULD…


1. Google everything and piece together all the freebies that ever existed to get an idea of how SEO works. So far, you’ve been pretty good at juggling everything else in your business. Could it really be that hard? 


No. SEO isn’t hard. BUT you NEED the right tools and need to use them the right way in order to benefit.


Otherwise, you'll quickly lose interest because you won’t see immediate results, and even if you stick with it, you'll be missing vital pieces. 


Or….you COULD…


2. Hire an agency or someone on FIVVER to do it all for you. One-and-done sounds great, right



Unfortunately, the agency will recommend (and rightly so) keeping a monthly retainer to get the most benefits of SEO, and depending on how well your business is doing, it can get costly. 


And the one-time hire on FIVVER might get your website up to par for month one, but if you’re not maintaining it, you’ll quickly fall back down the list


Of course, you COULD always…


3. Put all your efforts into TikTok and Instagram and focus solely on becoming an influencer so you have more clients than you can handle and get all kinds of brand deals.


But let’s get our heads out of the clouds for a moment. I’m not saying you won’t become an influencer, but chances are, if you were, you wouldn’t be here right now. 


Social media is getting harder and harder to go viral on and build a vast community fast. You might get that 15 minutes of fame, but you have to be “on” ALL. THE. TIME. to keep it up.

Even if you post every single day and do all the “right” things, it’s not sustainable for most people in the long term.

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 Your Investment for Quality SEO That Makes Sales While You’re Sipping Wine on the French Riviera? 

Salient SEO Gives You: 


  • A custom SEO strategy 

  • Monthly audits and reports

  • Built-in keyword research tool

  • Access to AI to help you create content

  • Content strategy 

  • Built-in content planner

  • Monthly step-by-step actions

  • Backlink opportunities

  • Backlink audits

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Complete understanding of SEO through free courses

  • Email support 

  • Free, live onboarding 

  • Access to your unique dashboard to see growth at a glance 

  • Tools for local SEO

  • Easy option to hand over tasks at the push of a button as your business grows

Average price of full SEO services: $2800/month


Salient SEO: Starts at $108/month

(with monthly and annual plans available.)

Lock in Your Price for LIFE

Once you become a Salient customer, your rate is locked in forever.


It’s the ONE thing you can count on that won’t feel the effects of inflation IF you sign up now. 


That means that when prices go up in the future, you won’t feel the sting. 

Business Plan

 “If you have to ask if your SEO is working, it probably isn’t.”

-Sandy Rowley 

Translation? If you ran that free audit, your SEO needs work.

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