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 Ditch the Hustle! 

You are SO over trying to do "all the things!"

There are countless ways "experts" encourage you to attract that ideal audience, promote our businesses, and create "passive" incomes....

But so far, it's anything but "passive." 

You're expected to...

  • Post EVERY. DAY.  on Instagram

  • Shake it for dollar bills on Reels 💃

  • Share stories and shorts 

  • Host live Q and A's

  • Build a website

  • Post blogs every week on that website

  • Promote those blog posts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter

  • Build an email list

  • Create a freebie to build that email list

  • Write emails for that list EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. 

  • Create online courses

  • Build evergreen products

  • Sell those courses and products 

  • Start a podcast

  • Start a Youtube channel 

  • Monetize your content with collaborations and affiliate links 

And that's just the promotion side of your business...

While you're juggling content planning, email marketing, and optimizing your website, you also have to: 

  • ​Manage your team

  • Review client information

  • Prep for one-on-one calls

  • MAKE those calls

  • Create meal plans

  • Provide practical AND emotional support for your clients

  • Continue to learn...

And then there's your personal life...

Because you specialize in nutrition and creating a balanced lifestyle, you strive to: ​

  • Eat and prep nourishing, balanced meals and snacks 

  • Stay hydrated

  • Move every day

  • Get sunlight 

  • Journal 

  • Reflect

  • Play

  • Embrace activities that feed your soul

  • Keep personal life out of business

  • Spend time with your partner, best friend, kids, parents

  • Create a supportive community that embraces who you are and what you represent.

Maybe you feel like one of my clients that said, 

"I just had way too much going on and didn't have the time or brainpower to create content."

And who can blame you?!?

If you're doing ALL those things on your own and you're not feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, then good for you (question mark [?]!)​​

In the words of Elizabeth Benett,  

"I never saw such a woman. She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold." 

It's not sustainable, and it sure isn't fun:

  • Jumping from one trend to the next

  • Throwing together a quick Instagram post EVERY DAY to stay "consistent"

  • Working late into the night, on weekends, and before the kids wake up

  • Randomly promoting Q and A's or Facebook groups without a real plan 

  • Brainstorming "passive" income ideas late into the night because you've GOT to find a better way to do this.

​The truth is people who do ALL of the above didn't get there overnight, without a step-by-step plan,  and entirely on their own. ​​​

Here's a little secret I learned running my own business...

Every. Single. Strategy. is not the RIGHT strategy for Every. Single. Business.


STOP Working Harder and START working smarter

I have a different online content strategy for health coaches than most marketing agencies. 

Before we ever start working together, we'll discover through a strategy call which marketing avenues are best for YOUR business. 

Then we put everything in place, so your content starts making you money around the clock...yes, even when you're sleeping, at the beach, or brainstorming your next Evergreen course! (That's right! Your "next" course! You'll have time for that!)

What My Clients Say

"I just had way too much going on and didn't have the time or brainpower to create content. When [Brandi] reached out, I really liked [her] vibe and how calm and collected [she was]. Plus, [she seemed] to have such an interest in women's health, which is what I like to focus on. I also liked that [she] didn't require a long-term commitment to make sure we'd be a great fit, which was nice. [She was] so easy to work with. [She] clearly did [her] research and did a really nice job putting everything together. Plus, [she was] SO efficient and fast with everything. There was very little for me to change/edit on what [she] put together as well. It was really great.


Kim Heintz, Funtional Health Strategist 

Digital Content Marketing Strategies for Health Coaches that Convert

Get everything you need for a holistic, profitable marketing campaign. Including lead generation for business collabs (think podcasts, webinars, guest posts, affiliates...) and SEO backlinks to boost your website ranking. You'll also get a monthly content calendar filled with everything you need to succeed with organic content marketing. Plus... 

Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts 

Your blog is the pillar of your marketing content. It helps your ideal client find you, connect with you, and hire you.

When optimized for search engines through keywords and proper heading tags, you'll get more traffic to your website leading to more calls booked. 

Email Marketing 

Your email list is a powerful marketing tool that builds trust with your readers and informs them of promotions, events, and new content on other platforms. 

It also has the highest return on investment when it comes to marketing strategies for health coaches and other online businesses. 

Web Design
Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Website SEO and High-Quality Sales Pages

If your website isn't bringing in hot leads 24/7, then it's not doing its job. 

Expert web copy written in your voice not only sells for you but it ensures that your audience can easily find you on search engines like Google. 

I'm talkin' landing pages, sales pages, and good ol' fashion about pages that connect your future clients to your brand and book calls while you sleep. 

Social Media Captions for Health Coaches

Did you know SEO is important for your Instagram captions? Yup. 

Hashtags and pretty filters aren't cutting it anymore...

Strategic topic planning and optimized captions are KEY to success on any social media platform these days. 


Let me take the work out of it for you. 

In addition to all the content, you'll also receive weekly to-do's and check-ins, daily support, and at least one strategy call per month to help you stay on track. 

It's a coaching and content creation hybrid!

Here's a Brief Overview...

  • 90 -day, step-by-step marketing plan 

  • Monthly content calendar with everything you need

  • Lead generation (collaborations, affiliates, and backlinks.)

  • New sales page 

  • SEO website audit

  • Email marketing set-up

  • 4 blogs per month

  • Minimum of 4 emails per month

  • Weekly email support

  • Quarterly launch support

OH...and did I mention the craziest part??

 If after 90 days you're not seeing an increase in sales, I'll continue to work with you for FREE until we start reaching those $ goals together. 

Let's see if we're a good fit...

To give my clients the best experience and outcome with their online content, I want to ensure we're a good fit before we get started, as space is limited. 

If you're interested in working together or want to learn more, book a strategy call with our team!

Marketing Tips for Health Coaches

10 Free Ways to Build Your Email List

If you haven't started your email list, today's the day! 

Learn why email marketing is ESSENTIAL to coaching businesses and how to begin. 

Image by Leone Venter

Digital Marketing


Launch Strategy

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