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How to Repurpose a Blog Post

How to Repurpose a Blog Post in 2023

Repurposing a blog post or article is a great way to work smarter, not harder.

There’s no reason to rewrite and replan content for every platform. Starting with a blog post is a great way to plan and create content for other platforms simultaneously.

Plus, long-form content becomes the pillar of your content calendar and has a much longer life expectancy than short term.

The Benefits of Repurposing a Blog Post

Creating regular blog posts keeps your website current and makes it easier for potential clients to find you online.

Why you need a blog on your website, though, is a topic we will dig into deeper on another day.

Let’s see how you can use your blog to create unique content on all your favorite platforms.

Why You Should Repurpose a Blog Post

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT about the hustle. I don’t have the mental or emotional energy to be “on” 24/7. So I’m ALL about working smarter, not harder, and repurposing a blog post is the first way to do that in 2023.

When you repurpose blog posts you:

  • Save time planning, editing, and writing

  • Save money on content creators (P.S. Our blog posts cost more upfront but are designed to make it easy for you to repurpose them.)

  • Reach a new audience (being visible on multiple platforms will be more attainable.)

  • Make your content more accessible to different learning types (not all of us prefer TikTok videos, some of us love to read, and some prefer listening while we perform other tasks.

  • Improve your SEO (it’s not just for your website. You’ve got to master SEO for YouTube and Instagram!)

  • Create more backlinks and drive more traffic to your website

  • Solidify your knowledge and skill set

The benefits of repurposing long-form content are only limited to your imagination.

5 Ways I’ll Repurpose Blog Posts in 2023

So what is my content plan for 2023? My goal in 2023 is to post one blog a week. When I take the time to do that, I’ll already have the foundation to repurpose the content on other platforms.

I have five goals in reusing each of those blog posts each week.

  1. Create two Instagram Carousels

  2. Post one Reel

  3. Send one newsletter to my subscribers

  4. Create 2 Facebook posts

  5. Film one long-form video (these videos will be available to my Health Coach Collective Facebook group. If you haven’t joined us yet, check it out now for free!)

Steps to Repurpose a Blog Post

I think it’s important to mention that repurposing content does NOT mean just copying and pasting my blog post to other platforms. It means covering the same topics and using the same keywords.

If you already have a blog or are considering starting one, how can you use that to reach a larger audience on other platforms?

Step 1.

When planning your blog post, start by researching and adding headlines commonly asked on Google. Then add those headings to your post.

Step 2.

Write out your blog.

Step 3.

Add the headings to your social media content calendar as your topics. For example, I will use the first three subheadings on this post as my two Instagram posts and one Reel.

Step 4.

Choose a section of your content that you want to use for your newsletter. For example, I’ll use the heading “5 Ways I’ll Repurpose Blog Posts in 2023” as my topic and then reword it a bit and make it more personable before scheduling it to my email platform.

Step 5.

If you want to repurpose a blog post into a podcast or YouTube video, use the blog post as an outline for your script.

Step 6.

Rewrite those sections to better fit in with the platform you’re using. You may need to adjust the wording and drop the word count.

Step 7.

Add images, videos, links, and hashtags, then schedule to share!

Why You NEED to Repurpose Content in 2023

Ain’t NOBODY got time to plan out 12 different forms of content, write it, edit it, and post it!

Girl! There are a million different ways to spend your free time. Yes, content is necessary. Being consistent is essential. But no one ever said it has to suck up your life and distract you from the real reason you’re a health coach…to help people!

If you’re interested in learning more about my anti-hustle, thrive strategies, join the Facebook group and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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