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The "WHY" of Email Marketing

Girl working on her computer on the couch looking pensively into the distance.
If you're still not convinced that email marketing is for you, you've got a lot to contemplate.

As a health coach, you may hesitate to invest your time and resources in email marketing. Maybe you think it's outdated or ineffective, and the truth is, you probably get plenty of clients from social media and word-of-mouth, so you may not fully understand the benefits it can offer your business.

However, email marketing is an essential tool for any health coach who wants to grow their business and reach more potential clients.

By the end of this blog post (and once I've had a chance to go on a little nerd rant about email marketing), you'll understand the importance of email marketing for health coaches and debunk some common misconceptions about it.

You'll learn how email marketing can help you build stronger relationships with your audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more revenue for your health coaching business.<