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How to Set Health Coach Prices 2023

Woman sitting on the couch with a computer in her lap setting her health coaching prices
Set your coaching prices with confidence this year!

How to Set Health Coach Prices 2023

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make setting up your health coach business is deciding on how you’ll price your service.

Your time is a valuable commodity. This especially applies to starting a health coaching business and deciding whether your prices are worth your time.

But remember, the same idea applies to the other side: those who are using your services. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting a great deal. You don’t want your clients thinking…

1.) They have been overcharged and could have found something cheaper


2.) They are not getting quality services because your prices are too low.

So how can you find that optimal price range that will have your business flourishing?

Let’s analyze a few solutions to having a profitable business so that people can afford your services….

Things to Consider When Setting Your Health Coach Prices

You don’t have to choose between making your coaching business affordable and profitable. You CAN make your services accessible to more people while respecting your time and reaching your financial goals. Here are a few ways.

Offer Various Health Coach Pricing Packages

Knowing they have multiple options to choose from when it comes to their wellness plan makes it more appealing for new clients to choose a plan that works with their budget and schedule. The average rate a health coach may charge is somewhere between $200-$500 per month. Of course, when you are just starting off, you may want to charge a bit less so that you can start building up a clientele. Need some ideas on how to set up your health coaching package? Here are a few tips on what your price package setup could potentially look like:

  • Price for initial consult + a monthly fee

  • Per session or per week

  • Monthly price with a specific commitment time range (ex. 3 month commitment)

Offer Membership Discounts

Let’s be honest, who doesn't love a great discount? What better way to thank those who have signed on as members than to offer them a discount? Let’s face it, whenever we hear words like:



Limited Time!


We just can't help ourselves!

So when you try integrating discounts as part of your way to show appreciation for those using your services, people will be more inclined to continue using your coaching services as well as tell others in the domain about the great deal they got from working with you!

Don’t hesitate to even add “extras” to your packages so that your clients feel they are getting a greater value. These extras could be things such as a 3-month meal plan instead of the original 1-month option.

Why not add some additional workouts to their wellness plan at no cost?

It’s the small things when it comes to discounts that can make the difference between clients choosing your services from among the many options that exist on the market today.

Offer Low Tier Options

Although people everywhere have now become more health conscious, realistically speaking, not everyone can afford a health coach or nutritionist. That is where low-tier options (budget-friendly options) can help your coaching services stand out.

As a health/holistic coach, you are aware that one-on-one help would benefit your client the most. Sometimes from the clients' standpoint, that is just not possible financially.

So what can you do to reach out to those individuals that need your guidance on improving their health but can’t commit to or afford the price range that you have set?

Try offering as part of your package plan options that are affordable on any budget.

For example: Instead of one on one support or weekly check-ins (which would obviously cost more because of the time you invest), you can offer them a program that includes:

  • A pre-recorded motivational video workout program

  • Diet/exercises to help them reach their goals based on a questionnaire they can fill out online

  • Meal plan options, along with calorie counting help

You can bundle all of these ideas mentioned into one budget-friendly monthly package option. Perhaps pricing it somewhere between $40-60 per month and you have yourself an extra source of revenue that doesn’t require as much of your time and energy but still appeals to those looking for an affordable health coaching service.

Last but not least…..

Team Up With a Healthcare Finance Company

Maybe you are working in functional medicine as a naturopath, chiropractor, or acupuncturist. Your services are more than likely not covered by conventional insurance companies, so you may have your clients pay out of pocket. By teaming up with a healthcare finance company, such as Advanced Care Card or CareCredit, for example, you are offering new and existing clients additional options in how they can pay for your services.

Consider some benefits that come with using a healthcare finance company:

  • Offers clients flexibility when it comes to paying for your services

  • Gives client/patient the option of interest-free financing

  • More likely to choose functional medicine services long-term rather than just once

  • Improves patient experience giving them confidence that they can afford to pay for health services

Everyone knows the cost of healthcare services is on the rise. You definitely want your clients/patients to invest in their health but also have a good overall experience when it comes to how they are able to afford your services. The time you invest in teaming up with a healthcare finance company could be something worthwhile for your business. Why not look into it?

Know Your Value!

Your time is a valuable commodity.

Start off this year by making smart decisions when it comes to the value you put on your business and the services you offer. Know your value. Do the research. Give your clients the best options and set them (and you) up for success.

You can learn more about how to present your prices to your online following in this blog post!

Want to learn more about setting prices as a health coach? Need support on getting started with marketing for your business? Book a free strategy call!

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