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Top 10 Ways to Build Your Email List for Free

Updated: May 23

Your email list is a powerful tool to reach potential clients and to build a strong rapport. You see the benefits of it, and you’ve already written up a few emails to welcome your current subscribers. But how can you reach more people and encourage them to sign up for your newsletters?

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Here are my top 10 favorite ways to give your email list a boost without spending a dime!

How to Build Your Email List for Free

  1. Offer a free incentive. If you haven’t already, it’s time to create a free opt-in for your subscribers. There are countless possibilities. You can offer free downloads such as a seven-day meal plan, a list of your top 5 supplements for fertility, free access to an archived webinar, 30 days of journal prompts, etc. Choose something related to your work but won’t replace working directly with you.

  2. Create a quiz. If you’ve never taken a free quiz to find out which Disney princess you are or whatever it was that made you click, then you are a rare bird indeed. People love quizzes. Ask for their email before they can see their results, and viola! You’ve got a new subscriber.

  3. Offer a discount code. This is especially helpful if you sell a product on your website. Include a pop-up on your sales page so people can get a 10% off discount code when they sign up for your newsletter.

  4. End all of your blog posts with a CTA (call-to-action) to sign up for your emails and learn more.

  5. Include an announcement bar on the top of all your web pages that invites your readers to sign up for your emails, so they never miss an update.

  6. Use the link to your services page of your website in your Instagram bio instead of your homepage.

  7. Add a CTA button on your Facebook page that directs readers to your landing page to join your mailing list.

  8. Include social media share buttons in your Thank You message so your audience spreads the word for you.

  9. Offer a content upgrade. If you have a Podcast or YouTube channel, you can offer your audience access to the show notes or a free download you discuss in your episode by sharing their email.

  10. Host a giveaway. Enter contestants into a drawing or giveaway when they become subscribers.

Get Started Building Your Email List!

There are many ways to build that email list. But what do you do once you have subscribers?! Don’t panic. If you need some support with your newsletters, let me know!

I can help you use your email list to connect with your audience on a personal level, create marketing funnels, and ultimately grow your business. Just drop me a line to learn more!

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